Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 2: The Potato Race

Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

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Gosh this lot makes the ones in the last episode look positively youthful in comparison!
PC number 2 should be excluded due to dust which wasn't cleaned since the day PC was bought. How can you give such person brand new components?? lol :p
Mine has filters on the input fans (and a separate PSU airflow path) and it could get like courtesy of the dust my dogs bring into my room if I didn't vacuum out the PC every 6 months! :)


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Wow this week competitors are hard to decide. First of all, Brayden needs to clean out the dust from his case first!! Maybe he will respect his computer more when he gets new parts.


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You know why this comment is here lol. Love this series though, so damn interesting to see what can be done with a modest budget and some old PCs. Best of luck to all the competitors!


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Oldy Mcold is like second me, I know his struggle with that cpu, I also have that cpu and I know what is it like to be that way,I hope he will win this episode,that pc really needs an good upgrade. After this upgrade I will be more happier than him and that happiness is for his pc infact


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All guys need the upgrade. But if I had to pick one, it'd be the E8600 guy. I used that socket for so long, so I share the nostalgia with it. Either way, good luck too all who entered :]
the same thing - voted for that guy out of nostalgia! :) ( and I have a friend who is still rocking c2d e8xxx - when this thing becomes global and comes to Europe - I'm making him take part in this contest 100%! )

Ratna Shekhar

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I wish I win the HDD. I have a WD Green 500gb from 2013 and have been struggling hard to meet up with my requirements..........

Anyway I voted for Oldy McDusty ;)