Upgrade or full whack??

By Yakob
Mar 19, 2007
  1. righty, i'm confused. :confused:
    i'm goin for vista soon (need to get cash together :)) and i was wondering do i need to get the upgrade or the full thing? and also, does the upgrade wipe the hdd? any help would be apprieciated
  2. Char_X

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  3. stindle

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    That was a good job on the xp- vista tests.

    Only thing I can add is if you have any problems in XP and you upgrade they will more then likly follow you into that platform also.

    So if you have no problems in the os and you have a lot of software installed the upgrade would save alot of work, if you have problems or just a bare install I would do the full install and start from scratch.

    Good luck with the one you go with :)
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