Upgraded to WINDOWS XP PRO...Different Video driver?

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Feb 22, 2006
  1. My hard drive crashed about a week ago so I got a new one and I decided to upgrade from xp home to pro. Everything runs smoothly except when the boot screen pops up, it says windows xp Professional and it's very fuzzy. Do I have to download a specific driver? The driver I got off the cd works fine except on the boot screen...Normally I wouldn't care but I changed the boot screen to a different picture and it doesn't look right....Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.
  2. gbhall

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    that's VGA

    At the early point in Windows boot, there are NO video drivers loaded, so you get default of VGA resolution, that is 640x480 pixels and ONLY 16 colours.
    XP boot image is designed for that resolution, and can look oddly blocky on very high resolution screens like LCD at 1280x1024

    Anyway, your post seems to imply you have changed the initial boot image to something else. There is no chance that any other image will be VGA resolution, and even a 64 colour image will look VERY odd indeed at VGA resolution.

    It's best not to try to be clever, just leave the default boot image there.
  3. Tedster

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    just reload your video card drivers and you'll be fine. You have to reload all your other drivers as well for all your other stuff.
  4. RJ831

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    So there are NO video drivers loaded at the boot on Windows Pro? Or on windows in general? When I had windows home, the resolution looked a little better...It was at least 800 X 600.....Oh well, I was just curious. Thanks for the info though...peeace.
  5. gbhall

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    there could be a difference

    If you are convinced there is a difference between booting images on XP home and XP pro, it could be that the boot process in home is able to detect your video as capable of supporting, let us guess, XVGA standard natively. Pro might simply detect something else, or not even bother to detect, just assume anything can understand VGA.

    As long as your video card has up-to-date drivers once XP pro is fully loaded, and you have done all the necessary adjustments the drivers offer, as well as the extra things XP offers - see Control panel / settings / clear type tuning which can be very useful on LCD screens - then you should be happy.
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