Upgradeing my vid card 2 an all-in-wonder

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Aug 4, 2006
  1. Any 1 out there got an ATI all-in-wonder 2006 edition 256m AGP 8x vid card??
    I would like to know if any 1 has heard of any problems this card has. Now i've got an asus ati 9600pro (agp) and i have had problems with it for a long time now and i want the tv tuner. could any 1 tell me any thing about this card???
  2. XenaWP

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    What problems have you had?
  3. rmdl51

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    are you interested in gaming or the tv tuner? some people has told me the AIW cards are not good enough for gaming, I have the AIW 9600XT and has been a pretty good card until now, it wont let me go high settings on the newer games and with some games laag a lot! for the new version of AIW I haven't tried but i guess people are right, all in one cards is not as good as a dedicated gaming card, better get the tv tuner & video capture separated from the graphic card, if you are not so interested on high detailed pretty graphic games then I guess the AIW is a good economic choice, my experience with the AIW cards are good, but only because I never tried to play FPS on high settings :p right now I'm about to buy the 7800 GS and a TV tuner, video capture separated :)
  4. joked u 2

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    Hey thx for replying

    I got this after you two both replied so i will answer both, First the problem i have is only when i play a game or put a load on the card(not dvd full screen mode). when i play a game it usually veries in time but 1 min. to 1 hr. my computer will either just plain old lock up and i hardware restart, or the vpu shuts down and/or quits accepting requests. For second i want this card for both gameing and the tv-tuner. so maby your right i would be better off to get a dedicated video card and a didecated tv-tuner. do you have any suggestions on a tv-tuner???
  5. rmdl51

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    I have used the ATI TV wonder in the past and works great but don't know about newer versions, also i have to research a little bit since I'm not sure if I can mix an nVidia graphic card with an ATI tuner card, or maybe I'll look for a different brand. Good luck :wave:
  6. Sharkfood

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    You should consider diagnosing why you are getting lockups first. Adding more hardware could possibly make things worse... for example, if it's a weak or insufficient power supply, etc.etc.

    I'd strongly recommend against the 2006 you are looking at as it will be a step-down from your 9600 Pro. The AIW 2006 is basically a 9600 3d card wise, which has lower clocks than the Pro or XT... so you'll see a drop in 3d performance.

    On your current lock-up problem- have you tried reducing AGP to 4x and disabling Fast Writes in SMARTGART? Just launch the Catalyst Control Center, go down to the Smartgart area and adjust to 4x + disable fast writes. It will want to reboot- do so. On reboot, revisit Smartgart and ensure the 4x/fast writes off took/saved... then test some games. MANY VIA chipset motherboards have problems with older Radeons at 8x/fast writes... and this would not change with an AIW 2006.

    As far as secondary tuner boards, I'd strongly suggest the Hauppauge line of cards over ATI. I have several ATI AIW cards and Tv Wonder cards and have had nothing but problems and grief from them. Their new HD Wonder is a decent product, as well as some of their older TV Wonder products.. but in recent years they have gone way downhill with wdm driver support and software. I'd urge to get an individual 3d card (ATI or NV) and a secondary tv-tuner for PCI (preferabbly Hauppauge).

    Hope this helps!
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