Upgrading a video card

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I'm trying to find a PCI video card for my nephews computer, not cutting technology just minimum 3d acc and support open GL. They have a Compaq 688 mghtz, now is where i got confused while shopping for a new card, does it matter what type of RAM is in the PC. I've looked at cards that had SD and DD ram will they be compatible with whatever currently is in the computer? Any help would be greatly appreciated, i need to get them off my computer :)


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Plz tell about ur budget? Yes It effects in the card if it has DDR ram then it is good and is effective and it is SD then it ll be old crad. Buy a 3dcard with DDr memory.


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It doesn't matter what ram the system has, but faster graphics ram(on the video card), will make the card faster.

There are several pci cards available, like nvidia 5200, 5500, and 5700le cards, and ati's 9100, 9200, 9250 cards.

The faster cards would be the 5500(bfg oc version faster than normal 5500), and the 5700le(with 128 bit memory interface).

Here would be several possibilities(3 pages worth) if you're in the US.

Here's one that seems pretty good for a pci card.
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