Upgrading laptop motherboard and videocard, possibly CPU

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May 22, 2010
  1. I have an HP dv6t laptop that I bought about a year ago and was thinking about upgrading the motherboard, graphics card, and CPU in order to make it more of a gaming laptop. How much would it run me if I took it over to my neighborhood tech guys to install all of that for me, parts included.
    I'm not looking to run the most recent games on the highest settings, just a machine that can run Mass Effect 2 on medium.
  2. Leeky

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    It might be possible to change the CPU for a higher spec version, but changing the motherboard, and most likely changing the graphics card (if its on-board) is going to be near on impossible.

    Some motherboards on laptops also have the CPU 'soldered' in place. I wouldnt know if yours is the case or not.

    You'd be much better saving some money, and then selling your laptop as a 2nd hand item, and then putting all the money towards a new laptop that mights your requirements.
  3. CMH

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    There are no standard motherboard or graphics card on laptops. Some companies have tried, but I wouldn't say they've been successfull (laptops with upgradable graphics).

    Also, their "cases" are all unique as far as I know, and wouldn't hold a different laptop's motherboard. Doesn't mean you can't bash one in and make it fit though, but trust me, unless you have some real interest in something like that (think putting a pc in an xBox or PS2 kinda thing) its not going to be worth the effort.

    Other than that, nope, never heard of anything like what you're thinking. This is one reason enthusiasts stick with PCs: its much easier, and cheaper to stick to the bleeding edge.
  4. raybay

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    I would save up to replace the unit you have, rather than to upgrade it.
    Upgrades sometimes work, but creating a gamer would just be luck... Start researching for what is good... being aware that some gaming laptops do not continue to perform at high speed as they age.
    Laptops that do not disappoint in gaming are quite rare.
    If you really want to have a gamer, build your own desktop model. You get great satisfaction during the build, and you can forever tweak it by replacing and upgrading... You are stuck with whatever you get in a laptop gamer.
  5. Skhplbliss

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    That sucks. Oh well, such is life.
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