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Sep 20, 2010
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  1. Hello TechSpot! I haven't been here for ages since your powerful support and guidance got me trough most complex windows fixes. But like any other machine,something happened and my it knowledge can't work it out. Here is the deal:
    I played a game called Heroes of Newerth, and been playing it online ever since the purchase. I am playing on Eu servers and i had no lag whatsoever. Ping varied from 40-100 max, never giving me difficulties to control my hero. Recently however, something happened with my internet connection. All the time during play, a "disconnected" signs tingles as if my internet is going on/off all the time.This makes playing almost impossible. I flamed my ISP provider forum asking for a proper line fix *(i am using broadband on 2mpbs)*
    They responded with a great delay that "they have noticed a huge UPLOAD spam that is is suffocating my link, and therefore it feels as if my PC is teleporting from EU to USA,JAPAN or any other remote country. My ping in game starts going from 80 to 999 ms.
    Provider told me I should turn down the upload so it doesn't suffocate my link. That or I have some malicious programs. I scanned pc and found one tracker only. Maybe i didn't scan it properly.Another fact is that instantaneous pings remain the same. but periodically ping fluctuates and expands like a balloon.
    It feels as if my pc is sending millions of GB toward game server, trough simple mouse clicks. I will post pictures tomorrow!
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  3. Kserijaro

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    Here is the malware bytes log. Found 6 threats. I proceeded to delete them. Posting second scan results soon.

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  4. Kserijaro

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    as for the second program it found several hidden files but in my mp3 songs :S
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    Malwarebytes found issues but did nothing about it - -

    run it again and set the options before you scan; submit the new log
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    Do these scans in safe mode
    What kind of router are you using?
    Router/Cable Modem
    Router/DSL Modem
    Router & Cable Modem
    Router & DSL Modem

    How long do you have this router (if it's just the router answer the question)?
  7. Kserijaro

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    Its Scientific-Webstar Atlanta cable modem(either 2000 or 2100,they look the same). I have been using it for more then 2 years. only thing i changed is broadband package. That is , i went up in speed over the years. I will post results in safe mode later!

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