urgently looking for 300watt PSU for compaq deskpro EN Base Unit PC

By carmel
Oct 27, 2006
  1. I am urgently looking for a 300watt PSU (power supply unit) for the following PC

    Compaq deskpro EN base unit PC

    It doesn't seem to have a 'standard' ATX connector, instead it seems to have a 14 pin connector (2x7 rows)

    I need to know if anyone know's of a computer shop or repair outlet in the london area (pref. central london) that can supply the above mentioned PSU for the compaq deskpro EN PC

    I need a high wattage PSU so i can use my 120gig hd and also my dvd rw with this system (can't at the moment as the standard PSU isn't powerful enough to power the HD and DVD rw and the computer as well

    if you can help, please reply by email only



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