US falls further down the broadband price table, Syria tops list as the cheapest


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I wonder where the capital goes. It is clear that the technology is not expensive everywhere in the world. The fiber technology is quite interesting and yet of high performance. Is not an issue what everyone is willing to subscribe to, but we kinda live in the 2020 and we still don't have much of the real 4k output it seems.

I really hope they don't use the perceived value factor over the psyche of the people to justify the price; people tend to value stuffs that are of higher price as "premium".


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Seattle suburbs here. 110 down/ 5 up + phone + 400GB cap + taxes costs about $100. Frankly I would much rather have 25/5 for $50. What they do is delete the slower options everytime they upgrade their equipment. They 'give' you better service for the same price, but in reality you never get a chance to drop your rates. Our county is slowly developing a fiber optic system, but it costs $2500 to hook up to their main lines. After that you get better rates.