US government launches $500,000 competition to find a better mask design


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Worked in the auto body business for years as a painter. Wore masks all the time. Dust masks can barely stop dust particles, let alone a virus many times smaller. It's a placebo effect. That is all. Want a better mask? Wear a respirator with charcoal filtering or a gas mask. The truth is. Poor health and fear is the killer. Anyone that has died, died because they were in poor health to begin with, had an underlying condition, or some genetic disposition making them vulnerable. Fear causes stress which raises your cortisol levels and depresses your immune system when it's in a constant state of turmoil. Death is an inevitable outcome of life. Live for something instead of dying a death of a thousand cuts. The pandemic was intentional. It was targeted to cull an older generation who remember history. It was socialist/Nazi/gestapo level bullshit. This is a Geneva Convention level criminal conspiracy and every single government is involved. It's a global crime against humanity organized by socialist globalists puppet masters. They really outdid themselves and sure are proud. They are no better and worse than the socialist criminals of the past. This is a prison planet. Think about it. How many people likely died from some condition because they were afraid to go to the doctor because of COVID!!!? Any concerns about the deaths from these goverments is total bullshit. They don't care. They revel in it. They are monsters. This is the NWO and they just conducted the greatest crime in the history of the world. Round 2. Now they're orchestrating mass shootings for gun confiscation with fake concerns about public safety. Will the sheep fall in line again? Wake the **** up! We're at war. The war on terror is a war against us. Always has been.
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