US Robotics Modem configuration setting problem "not set to dial-up"

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Dec 17, 2005
  1. :eek: Hay folks, have a question for you??????

    I bought a US Robotis modem at (Where else> Wal-mart) to in stall into a computer for someone who's modem went bad bad bad!. As sence, they live in FL & me in AL. our internet service is Different, I set up my Ip on her computer. The computer does excess the IP but will not carry thought so I can get website infor, so to check out EM. It will sign off before it gets Loaded, fully.
    Now this here sys is at bear bones but it was running prior to modem going South for the border,( North Carolina South of the boader That is).

    If'en you folks got some good ideas how to correct this "is not set for DIALUP" please let me know!.

    Also know any good free adw removers softwares, she has more adw then I do underwear, it needs clean up.

  2. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    Need to clean up some English along with that adware! I can barely tell what your problem is.

    So you are in AL, and you bought a modem in your Walmart for someone in FL? Did you mail it to them or something?
    What do you mean you set up your "IP" on her computer? You mean your "ISP" as in your provider?

    Anyhoo, are you sure the driver is in properly from the CD? Check Device Manager.
    And because it is a new modem, you may have to uninstall the ISP software and reload it for it to see the new modem properly.

    Otherwise, could you clarify exactly what happened and what errors you get and what software you use, what version of Windows, and any other data you can share.

  3. directcurrent

    directcurrent TS Rookie Topic Starter

    US Robotic modem configuration problem

    Vigilante, Thank you for responding.

    The computer uses WinME/ SP2/ 10 gig HD.
    MODEM >>> US ROBOTIC 56k FAXMODEM V.92 for 95/98/200/me/xp> no

    Uninstalled "all modem drivers and Bad modem card."
    MODEM is reconized in DEVICE MANAGER
    NO ERRORS or CONFLITING interface problems arte detected by sys.


    Yes, I setup my ISP on here system and set it for default

    It does log in and latch to ISP but ISP closes out before ISP website info is displayed so to log into It for EMail. God Bless DC
  4. mailpup

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    Maybe I misunderstood what you did but are you trying to use your ISP account on her machine? Unless her machine is hooked up to your phone line that won't work. She will have to set up her own account. Did I misunderstand something?
  5. directcurrent

    directcurrent TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Us Robotics Modem Configuration Problem

    Mailpup, Yes you may have mis inturiputed what I said a bit.

    I did install my ISP into her system, The sys is plug into my Phone line in my Home, by using the connect wizied I have set it up so that my ISP is the default ISP, her ISP is no longer in the operation, Phone Numbers or anything else. she had is not there. The modem does in fact access the ISP I have set up, Same 8 bit,1 stop bit, etc setup and verified correct.

    No erros flags but it says modem is not set to dailup settings. Hence it brings up website but ISP shuts down before Modem completes bringing up website.

    God bless and have a great day. Directcurrent Do note that I am a bit disabiled here with the fingures and typing is tough to d0 and my eye sight is not to good id'er.
  6. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    The only thing I can think of is if the Robotics software has some type of configuration utility which can change it to be compatible. If it says the modem is "not set" for dialup, then I suppose we need to figure out HOW to set it up for dialup.

    Also what is the ISP? If it is Juno or maybe AOL, I think they have utilities you can download to repair/enable/configure the dialup settings. I know Juno does for sure.

    Also, are you saying that the modem DIALS, and makes noise, and accepts the username and password, and then closes? Or does it not get that far? Do you hear the dial tone and screaching sounds?
  7. directcurrent

    directcurrent TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Us Robotics Modem Configuration Problem

    :knock: :knock: Hay Vigilante and greetings
    I agree with you something is telling it, it is not a dialupand needs to be set. But where.
    Yes That is what I am saying, it excess the ISP site and bring the basic webpage up to a point you here the modem doing it little thing and sounds like it is suppose to. But then it waits for it to bring the ISP info page up and This is where ISP Time out is exceeded and shuts down.
    I had a thought here> wonder if because the computer is bare bones, that with al these programs trying to excess the system at the same time,could be mess things up a bit. all or most of her programs are internet connected. I have check the startup and found nothning, but one wants to keep poping back up at start up on internet at start, HUM.. any thought hear? I though to tha i might place the modem in a test bed system i have and run it with no internet progrms running to see if it would respond rhe same way. :knock:
  8. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    It would be good to test the modem in another PC.

    If the modem is dialing up and validating the username and password and then connecting, then it is some other software that is causing trouble.

    There is such a thing as a real "timeout" period, it is usually 20 minutes. You can see these settings in IE. Go to Tools-Internet Options-Connections-Settings button for your connection- Properties button-Options tab- Then "Idle time before hanging up". Make sure it is not set to something low like one minute.

    Do you have any extra number when dialing? Is it a strait xxx-xxxx number or is it dialing area code, or *xx or any extra? Try having it dial a strait 7 digit number if possible.
  9. directcurrent

    directcurrent TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Got your note! Hum... I had almost forgotten the 20 min. closure thing. I will check the Modem and the timeout tomorrow, been a bad day here.

    O I use a 7 digit number to get out. God bless and have a great day in AZ.
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