USB hub not working

By globalgoldie
May 31, 2006
  1. i have a TI-810+S motherboard on which i can use 2 usb devices.
    i recently got a usb hub..
    one of the usb ports i have my mouse...and on the 2nd usb port,i have hooked the hub.. this hub has place for 4 usb devices.
    now the problem is that when i plugg in 2 or 3 or 4 usb devices into this usb port...then only oneeeee usb device works..other dont work at all
    .so basicaly at one time,only one usb device hooked to the hub works..others not,though my mouse is working fine(which is attached to the other port of motherboard)..

    i have a bluetooth dongle which i plugg into usb hub..also sometimes use my nokia n-gage cable ...and my printer..
    the drivers for bluetooth and printer r installed properly... and n-gage cable is plug n play..this usb hub is also plug n play..

    i dont know wats the it something to do with motherboard..i have to change some using xp rite now...

    this is the usb hub that im using rite now.

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