USB Keyboard not Recognized or not working

By JazzMahn
Aug 28, 2007
  1. I am running Vista Ultimate (System Builders Edition) on a home build with 2.1 Ghz Processor and 2 gigs of ram. I have been running Vista since January 29th and have not had a great deal of problems that have not been able to be resolved.

    I also use a MS Ergonomic Keyboard that is USB. The last couple of days I have had trouble wtih the "Keyboard Not Recognized or No Keyboard". I have been able by changing USB ports to get it working again. Same thing this morning. I know it is not the keyboard as I plugged the USB connector from the keyboard into my laptop and it worked fine (after drivers were automatically installed)

    I kept changing USB connector ports and it finally started. Went straight into BIOS and set this for optimum performance. I thought in doing so that it would make sure settings for keyboard would be correct.

    After getting into Vista, I did a system restore and took Vista back to when I wasn't having any problems. After the restore and when the computer restarted, I saw a message on the right hand side of the tray saying that "Device Drivers were being installed for Human Interface Device"

    Upon looking in Device Manager, I see that the Human Interface Device has several USB headings in front of it. Is it possible that the drivers for the USB Interface Device were the drivers that made the USB Keyboard functional. Don't know what caused it but I think I may have solved the problem.

    With me installing a system builder version of Vista Ultimate, I am tied to this motherboard with this operating system. I would have to repurchase Vista Ultimate if indeed the motherboard had gone bad. I don't know if there is a way to repair the keyboard port (if that is where the problem was) or not.

    Any thoughts would sure be appreciate. I am afraid to turn the system of for fear I won't get back in again. Thanks for your suggestions .
  2. I don't think you have an issue with your motherboard, I just think that it has to do with the drivers and their compatibilty issues with Windows Vista.

    - Did your keyboard come with a disk? If so try uninstalling the keyboard drivers and then reinstalling them, then see what happens.

    - Also, do you think you can take a screenshot of the keyboard properties in the device manager?
  3. kittykat871

    kittykat871 TS Rookie

    Keyboard not working

    Thanks guys for the tips. A friend messaged me and said that her keyboard wasnt working, neither the new or the old one, we tried the drivers to no avail, but the system restore worked.

    Makes me look almost clever, lol.

    Thanks again
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