USB power/insert failure (along with internet, firewire and wireless network card)

By acrilla
Jan 7, 2005
  1. My laptop has just stopped powering all 4 of its USB ports. This is odd because the night before, everything was working really well. I just turned it on the next morning and it doesn't recognise my Microsoft wireless mouse UCB insert. It’s like someone’s flicked a switch and just turned off every insert point because both cable and wireless internet are no longer working, I can’t see my external hard drive. I haven’t tried to connect my iPod by firewire yet, but I imagine that will bring the same problem.

    I know the hard ware is still working because I plugged it (the mouse) into another computer yesterday and it worked straight away. I’ve tried looking at the hardware options in ‘control panel’ and been through the Microsoft USB trouble-shooter walkthrough to no avail. The most recent program I installed was a driver for a Belkin wireless network card. I have uninstalled this, although, this was installed around a month ago and everything was working fine before so maybe that’s just me being superstitious, and this hasn’t had any influence.

    The laptop dual boots, one for audio production, the other for home-type applications like email, word processing etc and the problem is happening when I boot up in either partition. I’m running Microsoft XP Pro on a 15.1 Pro-Studio Modular Laptop P-4 with Pentium-4 3.2Ghz of RAM and 1Gb of DDR Memory.

    Is there something relatively simple that I’m missing? Or is it likely that every single port appears to have broken over night? I’d be really grateful if anyone has experienced anything similar and could point me in the right direction.
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    You could try the USB settings in the BIOS setup. Like disable USB keyboard support etc.

    Did you put the Belking driver on both instances of Windows?

    To rule out a problem with Windows download a bootable Linux CD like INSERT or Knoppix. Burn and boot it and see if you can access your external HD. It should also detect your USB mouse.

    Uninstalling things in windows does not always remove the system drivers (and this causes lots of issues). Go to Device Manager and tell it to show hidden devices. Remove everything you don't need. Look under non-pnp devices for any suspicious leftovers.
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