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Jul 8, 2005
  1. Over the past few days, my tablet (which works perfectly well, I've checked) has been turning on and off as the USB ports in my EMachines notebook, have come loose. Earlier today, i set the laptop to a side, and came back, only to find my tablet light dead, and tested all the ports. It will nto turn on. I've even tried moving the plug about to see if it would connect into the port as they are loose- but it does not work. Is there a way to manually fix the ports? I do not trust taking the laptop in, because there is information i'm not wishing to lose. I would like it fixed as soon as possible.
    Also, a while back, I obtained a trojan, and, while I believe It was destroyed, I accidentally deleted a sound driver. While the sound works fine now, the screen and system still have issues. I would have restarted the laptop to check if the ports would work after a restart, however, the machine is generally slow, freezes, and, i must wait a few hours before its back to what I'd concider 'normal' speed. The screen gets sketchy, horizontal lines that flash across, and the screen is distorted where as 300X300 images may appear to be more 250X400 images.
    I do not know how to fix these things other than short of getting a new system.
    If there is a way to fix these issues (and soon as I need the tablet to work) I'd be very happy. I do not think I can continue work with how the laptop is, although I've been managing with the screen issues(which may end up being a video issue).
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    With all those issues it may be a pain to try to fix yourself one by one. But I think if you were to reload the laptop, that may fix all the issues. Unless the LCD is going bad and why it does weird things.

    But if you have data you wish not to loose, and the laptop is acting this bad, I would back up your data as soon as possible anyway! With trojans and crashing, freezing, slowness; something may be wrong in Windows and it could be a matter of time before it won't let you into Windows at all if it gets real bad.

    If you can, back up your data and have a shop reload it. This should take care of your software issues.

    But before doing anything like that, the hardware issues should be taken care of first. Which means fixing those ports. That may also require you to take it to a shop. Only because of soldering issues. If it comes to that. Or replaceing the USB port itself entirely.

    I would be reluctant to try to fix that yourself. Think about it, you're worried about data? But you'd rather try to fix the ports yourself then have a trained pro do it? How much riskier for you to do it?
    Incidentally, you shouldn't have to worry about data if they are just fixing ports. Cause they don't have to do anything at all on the hard drive or with software, to tighten, resolder, or whatever, to those ports.

    Sorry mate but unless you are pretty skilled I would just take it to a shop. Cause to get to those ports the whole thing usually has to come apart. As far as taking the LCD off and everything.

    good luck though!
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