USB refuses to recognise devices attatched to thm...but power is supplied ...

By Darksoth
Dec 5, 2005
  1. ok well the title pretty much sums my problem up...ive installed the drivers that came with my Gigabyte 8S648FX-775 motherboard.all devices in the device manager appear 'working properly',which i've uninstalled and re-installed at least 5 times now. Ive downloaded all available updates from tried everything i can think of. Power is being supplied to my 4 port hub and all devices attatched to this(being a webcam and my 256Mb USB flash drive) as the light on the cam is lit. i have installed drivers for both of these devices but if i try to run the program associated wit the cam...apparently its not attatched. and the flashdrive may as well not be plugged in.for the record i also get nothing when i connect these devices to ports directly on the motherboard.
    so theres my problem.ANY help or suggestions would be useful as...well to be honest im drawing a blank.

    A.K.A. Darksoth

    PC Spec
    Gigabyte 8S648FX-775 Motherboard
    Intel Celeron D 2.8GHz Proccessor with Standard HeatSink
    1024MB 333MHz DDR RAM
    Maxtor 6L160P0 160GB Hard Drive
    LiteOn DVDRW
    D-Link Air DWL-510 Wireless PCI Adapter
    Built-in Audio-Realtek AC'97
    1 Akasa 8cm Case Fan
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