USB Wireless adapters stop working

  1. I have two wireless adapters I bought off Newegg. One is the TRENDnet TEW-424UB ( and the other is the EDIMAX EW-7811Un Nano USB Adapter ( First, about 6 months ago I bought the Trendnet adapter. I worked well enough, but lost connection easily and was picky about where it was placed and if it was moved or not. And when it lost connection, it wouldn't say "Connection lost," it'd still report it was getting 4 bars of signal (it always has 4 bars, no matter what). It won't start working again until I replug it in, but the power isn't out on it, the green light still blinks occasionally.

    I got tired of this and so a few weeks back I bought the Eidmax nano adapter to replace it. It reports five bars and has a higher speed rating, but still loads videos slower- that was alright for awhile, as long as I didn't have to replug it in constantly and have to reload my pages all the time. But then it started having the same problem too- it'd magically stop loading pages and videos, and when I opened new windows/tabs, it just says "loading." The USB adapter still seems live like the trendnet one- its little blue light still blinks here and there, and it only starts working again when I take the time to replug it in.

    Since I can't figure out how to fix these problems, I figured I would ask for help. My OS is Windows 7 32-bit, my wireless router is just in the room adjacent to mine and it's a NetGear CG814GCMR. Please help!

    Other info:
    Processor: AMD Athlon II 635
    MB: Biostar A785G3
    Video Card: HIS Radeon 5830
    HardDrive: WD Caviar Blue 640gb
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    If you haven't already, try using a 3 ft. USB extension cable so you can move the adapter around for better reception.

    You can also try installing the most recent driver available for your adapter. Uninstall your old driver from Programs and Features first. As you know, you install the driver first and then plug in the adapter afterward.

    On one of my PCs I use a USB adapter with a 3 ft. extension. I tried a Trendnet and it worked well for awhile but it finally started to become unreliable. I'm now using a Rosewill RNX-G1. I like it because it has an external SMA antenna which seems to get good reception.

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