Use DipJar to leave a small tip with your debit or credit card

Shawn Knight

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A new service called DipJar allows customers to tip baristas at coffee shops using their credit or debit cards. The hardware is currently being tested in a select number of New York City coffee shops and if successful, could expand...

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Pointless, most people who give tips give the change they get back from a purchase, meaning anything thats a coin, not bills. and they do it simply b/c they dont want to carry around annoying change in their pockets.
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Yes, because I'm going to thrust some random card reading instrument to leave a pittance to some poor shmuck that served my coffee.

Tipping in general needs to go and the employee paid properly.
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Tipping in general needs to go and the employee paid properly.
Sad, but true. The idea of tipping a waiter has more sense because he's taking care of you trying to do his best; but for a guy who's just dispatching a product no matter the way he does it... not that good, and less if it's fixed.


As if coffee isn't already insanely expensive for crappy quality, now they're finding easier ways for you to tip the guy making your crappy coffee.
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Sounds like the owners will be able to screw over there employees even more now. Welcome to minimum wage v2! hahahaha =/