Use hardware enconder is greyed out in Grass Valley Edius 8

When I plug HDMI cable to dedicated gpu, "Use hardware enconder" greys out in Edius ( video editing soft.) . If I plug it onboard graphics then it appears . It only speed up render time but there is another cons as you know when you choose onboard gpu over dedicated . . What should I do? How can I enable it for dedicated gpu? (RTX 3050, i7 11700k)
As you see in attached screenshot there is no option.


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    Screenshot 2022-11-12 214135.png
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I think this might answer your question:
Use Intel® Quick Sync Video
When you select exporter that supports Intel® Quick Sync Video (QSV), you will be able to see “Use Hardware Encoder” option in Basic Settings pane in selected exporter. Tick the option.

When you see either H.264/AVC or H.265/HEVC export tree pane, you can see “…(NVIDIA)” exporter in the right pane. If you select the exporter, NVIDIA GPU will accelerates timeline export