Used travel photography RAW (30 MB) laptop

I am looking for a laptop for a longer (multiple months) travel via backpacking. As I am a (amateur) photographer, the imperative is for me a good (enough) diplay and a decent processing (non throttling) power. I would also like to keep the weight down as much as possible (not really going with the non throttling). Generally I work with 30ish MB RAW files. Home I use a Dell 7510 i7-6920HQ with 4K IGZO screen.

What I need is:

14" or possible 13,3" display
USB A ports
SD card reader - that seems to be the issue often, microSD is of no use for me
Intel Core 7XXX generation or newer, I would possibly go for 6XXX
something that will withstand being dragged months around Asia
something light (under 1,8 kg with adapter, ideally) and small
95%+ sRGB coverage, preferable 100%

As the thing can get lost/stolen, I would like to be at around 400-500 € used price - in the EU.
So, many contradicting things we can see above :) .
Anyway, the first laptop that came in mind is Dell XPS 13 9350/9360 (newer versions lack USB A). It has a 13" screen, which is a disadvantage, but at least it makes the use of it. However, looking at the reviews here, it seems like byuing the laptop is rather a lottery screen wise: How would I know which one to choose? (And what does mean Display 82 % sRGB coverage and Screen 99,8%? I am quite confused by this:

Apart from the XPS, I researched a bit and found (and mostly eliminated :( ) the following options:

Lenovo X370/X380 - This would be ideal option, but only micro SD reader and overheating issues
Lenovo X1 Carbon - only microSD
Lenovo X1 Yoga - only micro SD
Lenovo T470s/T480s - hard to get with WQHD, and even then the display is not ideal

Then there is a plethora of 14" Latitudes, which seem to be on a heavier side and I do not know if they even have any good screen available. Same thing for 14" Elitebooks.

Any tips for me?
Thank you.
What camera do you use? My Canon EOS can send images through the wi-fi (it's about SD support). You can also buy USB card reader and look for laptop with great performance, because Photoshop for example need good RAM and SSD