Used travel photography RAW (30 MB) laptop

I am looking for a laptop for a longer (multiple months) travel via backpacking. As I am a (amateur) photographer, the imperative is for me a good (enough) diplay and a decent processing (non throttling) power. I would also like to keep the weight down as much as possible (not really going with the non throttling). Generally I work with 30ish MB RAW files. Home I use a Dell 7510 i7-6920HQ with 4K IGZO screen.

What I need is:

14" or possible 13,3" display
USB A ports
SD card reader - that seems to be the issue often, microSD is of no use for me
Intel Core 7XXX generation or newer, I would possibly go for 6XXX
something that will withstand being dragged months around Asia
something light (under 1,8 kg with adapter, ideally) and small
95%+ sRGB coverage, preferable 100%

As the thing can get lost/stolen, I would like to be at around 400-500 € used price - in the EU.
So, many contradicting things we can see above :) .
Anyway, the first laptop that came in mind is Dell XPS 13 9350/9360 (newer versions lack USB A). It has a 13" screen, which is a disadvantage, but at least it makes the use of it. However, looking at the reviews here, it seems like byuing the laptop is rather a lottery screen wise: How would I know which one to choose? (And what does mean Display 82 % sRGB coverage and Screen 99,8%? I am quite confused by this:

Apart from the XPS, I researched a bit and found (and mostly eliminated :( ) the following options:

Lenovo X370/X380 - This would be ideal option, but only micro SD reader and overheating issues
Lenovo X1 Carbon - only microSD
Lenovo X1 Yoga - only micro SD
Lenovo T470s/T480s - hard to get with WQHD, and even then the display is not ideal

Then there is a plethora of 14" Latitudes, which seem to be on a heavier side and I do not know if they even have any good screen available. Same thing for 14" Elitebooks.

Any tips for me?
Thank you.


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What camera do you use? My Canon EOS can send images through the wi-fi (it's about SD support). You can also buy USB card reader and look for laptop with great performance, because Photoshop for example need good RAM and SSD