Using Microsoft's HoloLens to view an HTC Vive's virtual world

Shawn Knight

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Microsoft’s HoloLens and HTC’s Vive are widely considered to be the best-in-class devices in their respective mixed / augmented and virtual reality categories but there are some shortcomings.

For example, spectators interested in watching what’s going on in the virtual world typically have to do so using the accompanying PC’s monitor. How much fun is that? Not a whole lot, as Drew Gottlieb demonstrates in the clip above.

Using an app he created called HoloViveObserver, Gottlieb demonstrates the ability to see what’s taking place in the virtual world via a HoloLens, thus creating what he describes as a shared reality experience (that sounds a lot like Magic Leap's mysterious offering). If you thought the possibilities of augmented reality and virtual reality were endless as standalone platforms, just imagine what developers could create by merging the two.

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Uncle Al

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Can't wait to see the applications for medical training, especially surgical work. It's got to improve surgery skills while lowing the cost significantly; in fact the application STRONGLY lends itself to any form of training just like any flight simulator down to simple assembly skills ....