Using my computer as a telephone

By Phantasm66 ยท 65 replies
Oct 29, 2003
  1. redmistpete

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    Skype is free, popular, quick and easy to set up as a phone.
  2. dellin

    dellin TS Rookie

    Cheyenne BitWare has bitphone that look's like a real phone and works like one
    no net calls your pc is being used like a $10 phone. use your mic and headphones. plau Cheyenne BitWare has other good stuff. I had it on my last pc but i cant find it i find links but they are dead if anyone has it tell me i will keep looking.
  3. snazi

    snazi TS Rookie

    well faxtalk messenger works just fine ur modem has to be a data fax half duplex[full duplex recomented],,its works just fine i used it to make a call using my microphone and headphone .the website is download trial
  4. gingat

    gingat TS Rookie

    So whats the final answer

    hey ppl,
    so finally, which is the software that u can you use for making regular calls via the telephone???
  5. telnetpc

    telnetpc TS Rookie

    same issue

    As Phantasm66 told,i tried so many softwares that available in internet . But useless .
    I just want to use my PC as analogue telephone ,

    any body here to help me ????
  6. theinfiniteadam

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  8. Samstoned

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    ya get the booby or is that nooby for digging up old thread
    I keep saying they should close these things
  9. theinfiniteadam

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  10. cherrylimeade

    cherrylimeade TS Rookie

    I just found this thread as I was looking for an answer.... most of these posters are not understanding... the guy wants to use his regular land line telephone service and a pc based program that works like a regular telephone while using a headset and microphone to make and receive calls. Windows dialer is cumbersome and ugly too...not very user friendly like a "phone" looking interface, and these answers of skype and other VOIP are missing the point...not thinking outside of the VOIP box so to speak. Not all calls made with a PC have to be VOIP...just like a fax program, I think this "communicate" program will work for phantom66... try this, I havent tried it...just found it 10 minutes ago...
    ok so search for a program called COMMUNICATE! STANDARD v10.0
    I couldnt post a link because I am new here.
  11. Rabblerouser

    Rabblerouser TS Rookie


    I am so sick of all of this VOIP crap...

    I have cheap telephone service and a modem...why can i not use a headset through my should be a rather simple program, I just do not know how to code!

    Somebody answer our prayers...i dont want to call through the internet...but through my pre-existing phone line!

    quick edit:

    Also...I want to emphasize that I want to use my HEADSET...not have the computer dial to pick up a HANDSET
  12. notimetobe

    notimetobe TS Rookie

    internet phone

    there's a new phone system that just came out recently in the last year called Magic Jack . It's located in the states. You send away for the usb device ( plugs into the back of your computer in usb port ) that plugs into your computer and it gives you phone service over your existing phone or you can use the computer phone device and headphones and talk on the phone that way. The first year for this service and the device is 39.95 ( u.s. funds) the second year on is 19.95( u.s. funds) . You are issued a U.S. phone number and can call free of charge anyone in U.S. or Canada .There is a small fee fro European calls. I'm just using this and my cell phone for any calls I make . Oh and the usb device can go anywhere you do including on your laptop and be used as your phone .
  13. Tedster

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    magic jack is just another type of VOIP phone. Perhaps a little better than some in terms of hardware. I have used vonage in the past, but I discovered that I really didn't need it and I have switched totally over to cellular stateside. Here in Iraq, I use Skype.

    -to rabblerouser - you use a headset with skype
  14. zhgfoi

    zhgfoi TS Rookie

    Subject: Use PC to Emulate a Phone
    Category: Computers > Software
    Asked by: dougbates-ga
    List Price: $5.00 Posted: 10 Nov 2006 20:00 PST
    Expires: 10 Dec 2006 20:00 PST
    Question ID: 781793

    I would like to use my PC (running XP) to emulate a traditional phone
    and hook up to a PSTN landline. The computer has a modem with a
    standard phone rj-ll jack. Is there a free or very cheap piece of
    software that would allow me to do this?

    IOW, I want my landline to ring my computer, not my phone handset. I
    want to use my computer and headset to dial out over my landline.
  15. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    Just about any VOIP service will do this. I hooked up a regular phone to a Vonage router when I used that service. Many cable companies that provide broadband also provide voip services. You can call out on a computer as well, but why? A regular phone will work better.
  16. Airman

    Airman TS Rookie

    I know this is an old thread... but i ran across this and thought it might be useful to anybody who was still looking
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