Utorrent DL very slow

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Ok before I went on my holiday, My torrent DL speed was normal. Now I come back and my torrent speeds are extremely slow. Now I have tried everything from encryption to port forwarding. I even spent my weekend wiring my PC to the internet instead of using wireless, Still nothing. My internet is not capped should you think thats the problem.

I even spent a good half an-hour on IRC with someone trying to help me but to no avail.

I'm open to even the wildest suggestions.


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Many are still on holliday like me and the whole company about 14,000 in the USA
I can see where torrent connections could be slow.

My ISP when i called because my connection was being dropped suddenly after a few SIGH's and MMMM's decided to send a new modem

think you need to see if it get better or not for not
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