Vaio VGN dark screen at the start up

By camrencrew
Jan 21, 2010
  1. I used to have Vista business with nvidia geforce 7400 which worked fine. when i installed the windows7. the resolution would not work. after a while i could install the nvidia driver. the resolution was working fine now. but now when i turn off and then start it start loading it shows the shining windows at the start, when it's going to the page with user account, the screen goes dark ( ican still see stuff but it's very drak).

    when i press the power button it goes to sleep, and then when i click a any button it comes back normal( everything working fine).

    I tried uninstalling the drivers and all that but it doesnt help, when i lower the resolution it works fine. but it's crappy.
    has anyone had such problem?
    any help?
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