Valve looks to lead the charge in creating a standardized VR controller interface

Shawn Knight

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The concept of virtual reality has moved forward by leaps and bounds over the past couple of years thanks largely in part to the efforts of Oculus VR and their upcoming Oculus Rift VR headset. The potential for virtual reality...

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With multiple professional developers now working on this bad boy to improve it I can see major progress coming in 2014.


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Now Valve will help with this product? I can see a BRIGHT future for this.

Gamers, ready your $$.


Valve is smart, fill the void. Essentially they'll rely on VR becoming popular, and they're hoping they'll help with that. However, afterwards if the Oculus VR is overtaken by another product, Valve will still be there to provide software to the replacement(s).

I'm looking forward to more of Valves strategic moves. I'm currently anxious to see how Steam OS plays out.


Interesting. Virtual reality, or the ability to ignore and distort reality through technology, is going to become more prevalent among the affluent few who can afford it, while the reality of the majority continues to deteriorate into poverty and despair because of the same folks.


Probably nothing more than a standard controller with steam writ-in on it. Maybe... maybe a little motion control built into it, to make it different. but most likely not. Anything short of using my mind like in books and anime to be the character, then VR will have a hard road till tech really improves to meet imaginations.