Valve reveals L4D2 launch time schedule

By Justin ยท 45 replies
Nov 16, 2009
  1. I plan to sue Valve for failure to deliver goods as promised, or something.
  2. seriously **** this i have been waiting long enough. I PRE ORDERED IT!!! and now your going to tell me my bf gets to play on his 360 before i get to play on the COMPUTER PLATFORM!?!?!? FOR WICH IT WAS MADE?!?!?!?

    im gonna have a goddamned seizure.
  3. this is some bullcrap... waited for hours just to get a glimpse of the new levels... 11:32 centrel and no sign of game.. freaking valve.. should have made it DLC for orginal game... way to go noob cakes
  4. 1230 still no for EST
  5. I'm starting to chafe. I need something else to do with my hand!!!!
  6. Release has been delayed by 2 hours:

    Pass it on!
  7. just itching to go balls deep in a witch or two. maybe give her the old donkey punch. or two.
  8. i dont know why you are all surprised that its delayed. it is valve after all. they have been like with basically everything
  9. 1250 eastern, no show.... WTF VALVE??
  10. Super launch fail.

    C'mon Valve - give us some zombie apocalypse dammit.
  11. I'm going to end up tossing my own salad at this rate. WTF
  12. Load bytch
  13. 110 am release... bad valve, bad!
  14. Valve what is going on??? I want to playyyyyyy
  15. YAY!!!

    oh, w8.... wtf, damn u valve!!! DAMN YOU
  16. cmon you gotta be shitting me
  17. <=======================3 i ****ing hate you!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  18. 1:30am Decrypting steam files 5%.....FASTER PLEASE
  19. 65% **** me this **** takes long
  20. I can't wait for this game, its going to be freakin awesome. #1 rated game right now on Google...check out the downloaded version of the game here
  21. gobbybobby

    gobbybobby TS Guru Posts: 555   +9

    lol. 2 hours late BIG FUKING DEAL!!!!!! u people expect the world to revolve around you I swear! I will buy the game during a deal weekend.
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