Valve was so impressed by GoldenEye 007 that it changed Half-Life


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In context: Ask gamers of a certain age which first-person shooter dominated their youth and you’ll find the same name keeps popping up: GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64. Such was its influence on the gaming landscape that the Bond title forced Valve to change development of another classic FPS: Half-Life.

GoldenEye sold over eight million copies and became the platform's third best-selling game of all time. One of its many significant elements was the enemy AI, which was highly sophisticated for the time, and especially on a machine as limited as the Nintendo 64.

A video from YouTube channel AI & Games takes a deep dive into what made the AI of GoldenEye’s NPCs so good for 1997. One important element is that developer Rare built the whole game around the artificial intelligence of these enemies, ensuring that it was something players actually see.

“The important thing is to show the player the AI. There’s no point having sophisticated AI that the player doesn’t notice,” said GoldenEye producer Martin Hollis, back in 2004. “The game mechanics have to showcase the AI. The level setup has to showcase the AI. And it all has to make an actual difference to gameplay.”

David Doak, another developer who worked on GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and TimeSplitters, revealed to GamesRadar in an interview last year just how much influence the game had on Half-Life.

“My favorite moment was meeting the original Valve guys at ECTS, a UK trade show, in 1998 and them joking that GoldenEye had forced them to redo a bunch of stuff on Half-Life. They went on to do all right,” he said, likely referring to the AI.

Make sure to watch the entire video to learn more about this classic title.

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Loved Goldeneye. Try playing it now though and it hasn’t held up at all!

Oh and if you use oddjob you are definitely cheating!


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"And on that terrible disappointment we must end. Thank you so much for watching The Grand Tour".

Oh, wait, wrong site.


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N64 on retron 6 would be nice. if nintendo dont want a remake emulate IT. so many games so little time. 007 nightfire on pc needs a remake. same all games on n64. the making og comptior to ps1 dreamcast must be remade with full hd support. if they make n64 classic please include a cheat rom into it. some games are bad made. squirrel jumpmping is like AAA hangover. jet force gemmanin are a arse to get trough. and how to enable code are more difficullt then ever. debug modes with all extras. and make games on n64 classic. import nes snes sega games with game genie. maybe even it will be named retron 6 if they not gets hans out off pancies. react now and not 4 years later. oo7 was just tha game but others like bad fure day needing a update bandjo and kaoisie both games. and savstate on super mario 64. and block to dont fall back to begginning of levels. if they makeing a n64 why not making more games. give it a better d3d renderer open gl cl vulcan V sign.


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F.E.A.R had one of the best AI I've seen implemented in a first person shooter. The game was very fun with it's over the top slow motion effects and to some degree scary depending on how you are with horror.

It's been 14 years and I still have not seen any fps game released since that surpasses F.E.A.R in terms of AI.