Valve will give away a Steam Deck every minute of the Game Awards


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In brief: Would you like to own the most expensive version of the Steam Deck but can't or won't spend $649 on one? The good news is that you could win one of these 512GB handhelds by taking part in an upcoming competition that will see one unit given away every minute that the Game Awards is broadcast.

The Steam Deck's official Twitter account posted that the giveaway is in celebration of the Game Awards, which takes place on December 8, and Valve's machine being in stock—the latter likely being a jab at the tech products that are still experiencing shortages this year.

One Steam Deck will be given away every minute the Game Awards is broadcast. The show usually lasts around three hours, so we can expect at least 180 consoles to be handed out.

There are a few restrictions if you want to participate in the competition. Firstly, it's only available to those who live in the US, Canada, UK, or EU. You also need a Steam account that must be in "good standing," which presumably means no bans or limited accounts, and you have to watch the show on

Finally, those wanting to enter must have bought something on Steam between November 14, 2021, and November 14, 2022. That's a year-long window, but with all the subscription services and alternative stores available today, there will likely be some users who haven't purchased a game from Steam in the last 12 months.

If you meet all those requirements, simply sign in and register on Steam's Deck Drop page, and you'll receive a notification via either email or the Steam Mobile app.

There have been quite a few complaints from users who say they have been unable to register for the giveaway despite meeting all the prerequisites. Valve posted that it had fixed a few things on its side that should have addressed the problem, but it seems some people are still running into issues.

H/t: PC Gamer

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The Steam Deck is a really good move for Valve. I am waiting for a second or third generation personally, but I have been tempted to buy it.


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The most interesting part, you had to have bought a game within the last year...thats wild
when you can't afford ever game on your Wishlist, you tend to wait for the larger seasonal sales

yeah, those sales are just as large as any previous sale

steam Deck sales numbers have likely plummeted, now that there are so many newer devices you can buy, that its likely to need a price cut by this spring (and a high-profile giveaway sparks any remaining demands before the desperate price cuts begin')
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The message I got when I registered.

"Don't forget to watch the Game Awards at 5:00 PM PST on Dec 8th. You can only win if you are watching on Steam at the time of the drawing."

Can I have it playing or will I need to click something if my name is drawn???


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I want to buy one I just have other higher priority things to buy. Like, food.

Seriously though, looks like I qualify so I'll register to win. Yay!


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Had my Steam Deck for nearly half a year now, it's been away with me on work trips, it's been used for multiplayer at my girlfriends, I've sat in bed just playing games and it's actually awesome.

I've had a few first gen devices in my time, my latest being the pixel watch. Before that, SennheiserTW's. The first iPhone, you get my drift, I'm a sucker for first gen devices.

The Steam Deck is actually one of the most impressive first gen devices I've owned, it not only lived up to the hype, but each update it gets just makes things better and more stable. Super impressed, completed a few games on it now, love it, fully recommended for £350, you won't get better for even triple that price.

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steam Deck sales numbers have likely plummeted, now that there are so many newer devices you can buy, that its likely to need a price cut by this spring (and a high-profile giveaway sparks any remaining demands before the desperate price cuts begin')
Eh, so far Steam Deck has remained in the top selling on Steam for months after months. What I think has happened is that the conversation has died down, and they want constant buzz as they prepare for a second generation product.

Obviously, you don't want to Osborne effect your brand, and so far what has kept the Deck in mainstream consciousness is the myriad of good words from the people who has received it in different waves.

I really don't think it'll get a price cut, the price is already as low as it could get for the spec it has. Gabe's statement on the matter suggests to me that they're selling it at a loss or very close to margin -- a feat only they could do because of Steam's big cashflow. Everything else that matches or surpass Valve's spec is a lot more expensive, while those that match Valve's pricing is noticeably under-spec. Valve's at the sweet spot, especially coming to a recession, and they know it.

They just need more people to keep talking about the Deck to raise the mindshare and keep the product alive in people's mind.


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So... I work 3:30PM to 12:30AM PST. So guess I'm penalized because I have to work to afford to buy anything on steam eh? Thanks... needed that.