VAnti.sys keeps being detected by McAfee everytime explorer is used

By Elliah
Feb 6, 2008
  1. I've followed the instructions given at the top of the forum but I am not sure if I am completely clean yet...this happened on 2 of my computers so I will be posting another reply for the other computer after this one. This original problem was that I could not unhide my hidden files but after scanning I now can.

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  2. Suneetwalia

    Suneetwalia TS Rookie

    Hi. . I too have that problem of Vanti.sys. . everytime i use the explorer, Mcafee shows that it has detected Vanti.sys. .Plus everytime i open the explorer and double click on a drive, it shows the "open with" option. !!! PLs help. How can i remove it?????????
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