vB now upgraded to 2.2.5

By Julio Franco
May 4, 2002
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  1. I thought I would let you know that I've upgraded the forums to version 2.2.5 that's the latest one non-beta available.

    I really hope to see what vB developers are working on for version 3.0 as we were notified a few weeks ago that the development is now quite advanced and a beta should be out by June, best of all our Lifetime license also include one year of upgrades so that will come at no extra cost to us.

    That's the great advantage of working with an on-going product, no more worries about limitations or bugs in the future <cough> Jawbraker</cough>... I guess it was a smart choice to switch to vB but now that I think about it maybe I took this path way later than I should have :blackeye:

    Anyway, if any webmasters happen to visit our forums (I'm sure there are at least a few around), you have my recommendation in one solid product.

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