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Verizon DSL using Westel Versalink with Belkin 54 G Wireless G Notebk Adapter Problem

By EvilFallenAngel
Dec 1, 2004
  1. I just got DSL service through Verizon, got New Westell Versalink(Modem/Router/Wireless), which works great when I hook it up through Eithernet cable. My wife has a fairly new toshiba satelite notebook and I am trying to install the Belking Wireless G 54g 7010. Followed all instuctions but cant seem to get it connect to the internet, tried both cd installation, downloaded drivers from Belkin website and even wasted 2 hours with customer support. I also attempted to allow windows to manage wireless. When I did see an access point, it would only be there for a few min and then be gone. After no help from Belkin support, I contacted Verizon to see if they could help me, they suggested going to a hotspot like starbucks to test out the card, I still need to do this. Im planing on just returning the card and getting another one, I wanted to just return it and get another type, like linksys or D-link. Can anyone help me out with my problem or give me a direction on better cards outhere, MSI has a wireless card also which I am looking into.
    Windows XP Home SP2
  2. MrDJ009

    MrDJ009 TS Rookie

    To troubleshoot this problem try the following:
    - disable all router security protocols
    - disable any anti-virus programs
    - disable your firewall.

    The firewall is a likely suspect since you must often identify IP address of the adapter before it will allow access to the router and the internet.

    Check to see if your wireless router is now visible to the notebook. If so reconnect each re-enable router security then verify that you still have a router connection. Do the same for your anti-virus program. Re-enable the firewall as your last step. If you lose the router at any point you have your culprit.

    Good Luck.
  3. EvilFallenAngel

    EvilFallenAngel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I finally got this fixed like 2 weeks ago, first of all I had windows install card and then used downloaded drivers from site. Then I IP into router using my desktop which was hooked up with RJ45 and created WEP encryption and changed from 11b to 54 g, the router and card could run on b and g and just needed to config accordingly, thanks for help....belkin support sucks *** by the way

  4. docman01

    docman01 TS Rookie

    Similar problem

    I also have no problems when I hook it up through the Eithernet cable but my wife who has a wireless MAC sometimes has no access. We can fix the problem if we power cycle the modem and restart her MAC.
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