Verizon inks deal with Samsung to put more bloatware on Galaxy S9 and S9+

Greg S

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After purchasing Yahoo and combining the business with AOL, Verizon now operates Oath as a subsidiary company. Samsung and Oath have signed a deal to install four apps on all Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices sold through Verizon.

As part of the deal, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, Oath's Newsroom app, and Go90 mobile video app will be pre-loaded onto new Verizon Galaxy devices. Oath is aiming to achieve more ad views through the mobile multimedia apps instead of turning to traditional cable TV for advertising.

Over the next two years, the number of users consuming video content on smartphones is expected to grow by 8 percent, reaching 196.4 million by 2020. During this same time period, the number of viewers for traditional TV is expected to drop by up to 50 percent down to 295.9 million.

Under the agreement, Oath will be able to insert native ads that mesh with on-screen content anywhere within Oath's own apps and also within Samsung's Galaxy app. Oath CEO Tim Armstrong says, "You can’t be more direct than being on the mobile phone home screen and app environment."

Oath and Samsung will be sharing ad revenue but the exact terms of revenue sharing will not be disclosed.

How many ads consumers are willing to accept remains to be seen. Microsoft has somewhat subtly introduced suggested apps in Windows 10 but allows what amounts to self-promoted ads to be turned off. Samsung and Oath are unlikely to allow their ads to be disabled. Given that flagship smartphones are unquestionably expensive for the average consumer, at what point does the unnecessary attempt to squeeze every last dime of revenue out become too much?

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Yep .... that does it for me too! I'll stick with Consumer Cellular where the bloatware is geared more for us old farts!


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Just when I kept the door slightly cracked for the possibility of a Samsung on Verizon, they go and slam it shut. I like my Android near-stock, thanks. I'm not a fan at all of TouchWiz, the structure of the menus, etc. It's a real shame as Samsung's hardware - the screen and camera quality - are top notch. I'm due to update my Moto Z Force in October but I'm not happy with what Lenovo's doing with Motorola. Hopefully, by then Google will be doing some good stuff with HTC or I may even take a look at OnePlus...


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So, let me get this correct - Samsung won't provide decent, on-time updates for their phones but they'll fill the phone with unwanted, unremovable bloatware? Oh, and this is all for the purpose of Samsung improving its profits without reducing the cost of its phones. So, more ways for Samsung-lovers to get ripped-off. <chortle>
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As Android developer since 2010, yes these practices are ongoing with Android vendors they all do that just like Microsoft with their Windows Smartphone. Why do you think Android users root their phones to remove all the bloat on phone. Install the software they want. I must say after all these 25 to 30 cells phones from the 90's. Samsung I only own a few of them, I won't buy them today. I try to look at the other brands like ZTE cell is ok for what you get it drops and never crack ZTE MAX Pro. I do not want the latest offering those. T-mobile gave that and I sent it right back to them Motorola Moto Z2 Force doesn't have bloat on it as contract lease phone. I do not want another LG G Series or V Series or anything they got they have bloat. Updates with LG and Samsung are there but like most known not for long. I had Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Nextel (beep) cell, Trac-phone, Metro PCs, T-Mobile (current) They're all the same pre-paid service is the worst. Verizon is pricey. AT&T should be better but they're not. Metro PCS now partnered with T-Mobile is okay if you need a pre-paid phone. It's the not best service.

Lenovo has it hands in Motorola still the phone I had has fallen no crack on the shatterproof phone Moto Z2 Force Oreo 8 on there. I didn't like what Google phones was offering. I wanted Windows 10 cell didn't want to go back with Android phone, can't happen. As for iOS I am not Apple person. Only have one iOS device it was a gift from my Ex I use it in my Navi that supports iOS device that works but once it didn't work, but it works for 7 years. itunes with Windows 10 does pair up nice.

I just don't want to go full circle with iOS on cell... Just looks too perfect I like to tingle with my devices, meaning to get them to work better and make improvement on the code.