Verizon introduces rollover data with new AllSet prepaid plans

Shawn Knight

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Verizon recently unveiled a new set of plans for prepaid customers that add a bit more flexibility for those on a budget (or those that simply don't want to submit to traditional contract-laden plans). Pricing for the AllSet plans start...

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Brodo Laggins

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"but there is one big caveat: Verizon prepaid customers don’t have access to the company’s 4G LTE network, even if their handset supports it."

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Yeah. Wireless carriers are an unscrupulous lot but somewhat of an evil necessity. 4G or no 4G, prepaid is the only option if you're averse to being robbed blindly but it shouldn't be like this too much longer, remember there is no honor among thieves, as soon as an opposition carrier opens the 4G door to the prepaid crowd the rest will be forced follow suit.
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