Verizon Tablet QMV7A broken screen

By Link48
Sep 16, 2015
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  1. Needing help With troubleshooting whether my tablet has a virus, battery issue, screen issue, or water damage
  2. Tmagic650

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    So we need more info to know where to start here...
  3. Link48

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    it was a screen issue and it wouldnt turn on. it wasnt recognized by my computer either so it's not just a screen issue I figured it was a power issue too so I (STUPIDLY) tried to remove the battery and see what the problem was. I think I busted the battery because now (I've never smelled it before) but I think it's leaking battery acid. meaning I completely destroyed the battery
  4. Link48

    Link48 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    On another note, this is a completely different issue,but I have a windows 7 computer and the sceen is broken a upload_2015-9-26_11-10-28.
    and the screen is broken

    Snapshot 1 (9-26-2015 11-15 AM).
    it works great when I hook it to hdmi,but I have a toshiba that has windows vista 32-bit. I'm wanting to upgrade both to windows 10 because it is free right now
    but in order to do that I need to upgrade my vista to windows 7-64 bit. I know that I need a product key in order to do that so is it possible to use the key that is on my toshiba laptop and use it again to download windows 7 on my acer that uses vista?

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