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Verizon to launch 5G Home Internet service on October 1

By Shawn Knight · 6 replies
Sep 12, 2018
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  1. Dubbed Verizon 5G Home, the service launches on October 1 for select residents in Houston, Los Angeles, Indianapolis and Sacramento. Interested parties can order the service starting September 13 and take advantage of several early adopter perks including three free months of YouTube TV, a free Apple TV 4K or Google Chromecast Ultra device and free installation and equipment.

    Verizon 5G Home subscribers also get first dibs on purchasing new 5G mobile devices when they hit the market.

    The first three months of service are on the house. After that, Verizon Wireless customers with a qualifying smartphone plan will pay $50 per month for the home broadband service. If you aren’t a Verizon Wireless customer, the cost will be $70 per month. The monthly rate includes all taxes and fees and there is no annual contract required.

    Verizon says 5G Home subscribers can expect average network speeds of around 300 Mbps with peak speeds of nearly 1 Gig and no data caps.

    Verizon 5G Home is built on the company’s 5G Ultra Wideband network which combines:

    • End-to-end deep fiber resources throughout the network
    • A large deployment of small cells
    • Critical, and best-in-class spectrum holdings, particularly in the millimeter wave bands, the only spectrum with the bandwidth to realize the full 5G potential for capacity, throughput and latency

    Ronan Dunne, head of Verizon’s wireless business, said they developed early standards that allowed the industry and hardware / software manufacturers to build solutions more quickly. “As a result of this initiative and ongoing collaboration, we will rapidly deliver the promise of 5G to our customers,” he added.

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    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 1,772   +837

    No data caps.... for now. I'll bet once they oversubscribe these networks just like they do with everything else there will be in order to maintain "quality of service".
    mbrowne5061 and seeprime like this.
  3. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,646   +615

    They are offering a pretty good deal. If it was in my area id snap it up, I pay around 110$ for 350 down with modem rental included. No I don't need 1 gb. I actually miss my 70$ a month + modem fee 100 down plan. Which is no longer available.

    Cox Internet Gigablast

    $119.99/mo. + modem rental fee
  4. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 5,710   +4,045

    $67 a month for 200 MBS here in Tennessee everything included. Our only concern is that our streaming "service just goes out" once in awhile, especially if you are NOT using Charter's cable TV. Still, it is better than it was so maybe these guys will force Charter to step up their game ......
  5. ChuckyDhaBeast

    ChuckyDhaBeast TS Enthusiast Posts: 50   +29

    Seriously interested in seeing real word speed.
    Looking forward to the results of the first few customers.
  6. Johndoedoedoe

    Johndoedoedoe TS Enthusiast Posts: 28   +22

    Not available in my area.

    Rapefinity can continue raping our community with their monopoly service. Great.
  7. HyPeroxya

    HyPeroxya TS Enthusiast Posts: 91   +11

    This is the holy grail for ISP's tho ... no more laying uber-expesnive cables and digging up the ground .. super fast speeds and fast ltency. And these? will supposedly enable self driving vehicles

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