very weird problem with my 8800 GTX

By Y3kRulez
Sep 14, 2007
  1. Hi guys, i'm having a very weird problem with my 8800 GTX. As you know, i have 2 DVI connectors on that card. In the past i used one for my primary monitor (NEC 20WGX2) and the second one for an old 1600x1200 monitor. Since it has the VGA cable i had to use the adapter, and it worked perfectly in dualview and other modes. Now i replaced the old monitor with a fairly decent Belinea 16:10 to use as second monitor. Since the Belinea of course has got the plug for the DVI, i removed the adapter and plugged in directly the DVI cable. Windows sees both monitors, but when i enable dualview the second monitor (belinea) is simply black. I tried to plug in when the pc was shut down and try again, but without success. By the way, if use the VGA plug of the belinea, then use the adapter on the 8800 GTX, as i did in the past. Everything works well. The DVI cable works, because if i set as primary monitor the Belinea it works, but in this way the NEC becomes black. What should i do? thank you.

    p.s. : i tried also the new beta success
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