VIA reveals Artigo A1250, world's smallest quad-core x86 system


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VIA has introduced a new member to its family of ultra-compact Artigo machines, which can be used for applications ranging from basic desktop computing to home automation, media streaming, surveillance and digital signage. Said to be the world's smallest quad-core...

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Looks like a decent buy to me. Would be seriously efficient for saving space xD


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Does not look much smaller than the Acer Revo. Not sure what the TDP is on mine... oh that is right, Revo is not quad core... but I'm sure the GPU is more powerful. I would love to have proof of that though. VIA is so way out there, I would not mind for the system on the chip to heatup for x86 between the 3... VIA will make money on Kiosks more than anything.
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