Video Card Installation Problem

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hi guys...

i just want to know if there's anyone who could solve my problem..

i installed the latest driver for my video card which is nvidia geforce fx 5200...
but when i reset my computer... the color quality in the display properties is only 4 bit and the 3d accelerator is not available... anyone knows how to fix this??

thank you !


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You could try to remove the card from device manager and uninstall the drives. Reboot the machine and wait for the card to be recognized again. You may want to try a driver cleaner before re-installing the updated drivers.
thanks... but i didn't work

may i ask if there are other procedures to fully install a video card driver?

cause there was something i did the other night the solved this problem without restarting the computer... however, when i again opened the computer, the this same problem again occured and i forgot the things i did the other night


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Could just be that the latest drivers are not particularly stable with that card(?)

Until recently I had an older TI4600 and the last set of drivers I could use were ones from a couple of years ago (45_xx .. can't quite remember) even though the Nvidia website said the latest were compatible.

Reading around similar forums it turned out that this was pretty much a known fact for my card. Any later drivers installed ended up with all sorts of weird stuff going on (colours, flickering, monitor switching off, weird scrambled images.)
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