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Video card not starting at startup after restart

By cedon
Apr 4, 2007
  1. hello all,
    I just joined today and thought id say hi and see if you all could figure out whats up with my PC. :)
    It was accting slugish, programms running in slow motion, mouse stuttering across the screen, randomly locking up, (not blue screens just freezing up).
    I figured id clean it out and see if that would help since i live in a very dusty area, and sure enough it needed a good cleaning. I but it back togather and the sluggishness is gone but now i have a new problem.
    when i restart my computer(startbuton>restart) for windows update or anything, when the comp powers back up, starting from post everything is garbled and unreadable, blocks of color where the letters are suposed to be. the start up goes on as normal, just with glitched graphics, till i get to the desktop. I manage to pull up the devise manager and under the video section there is an exclamation point and when i click on the video adapter the general tab shows the following error message: video adapter,device cannot start. (Code 10).
    Now, if i shut down the computer compleatly, then use the button on the front to start up, the graphics are ok, no problems. BUT if i restart from within windows (ie. from the start button or restart from a program)the graphics are hosed and the devise manager says the video card couldnt start.
    Any ideas? im using windows xp sp2, AMD athlon64 3200 processor, Nvidea 6800gt 256meg graphics card, and a Msi K8T NEO motherboard.
    thanks in advance for any help, this has me stumped.

    p.s also at random my monitor has been blacking out, and i get an error message on the screen in a little orange box saying something like out of frequency range, but the computer itself is still running the refresh is set at 60 from my card, but my monitors diagnostic shows its range set to like 39-59, i think my monitor is going(it has other issues) and this is probably unrelated to the above issue, but i thought i should mension it, its a gateway vx700 so been around a bit :)
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,452   +6

    It really looks like a bad or overheating video card. Maybe bad/wring drivers. If you are overclocking, stop that. Check if the video card fan is running properly. Make sure you have the latest drivers.
  3. cedon

    cedon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the response Nodsu,
    I have the latest drivers (even uninstalled/reinstalled them to make sure they wern't glitched)
    No overclocking, and the fan "seems" to be working properly.(ie it was working when i checked it, even took the card out and used the can of air on it)
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