Video card possibly accelerating incorrectly

By Sketch Meister
Sep 8, 2007
  1. My computer seems to be running games/3d apps very poorly compared to what I've seen on this computer. As I run a 3D program, I usually keep an average frame rate, but I experience hitching, lag, etc. (Ex. In oblivion I'll be walking along and It will kind of like, freeze for like, half a second and then keep going, then do it again in 3 seconds; this is with any game or 3D app I run) While this happens, my frame rate does not drop strangely enough. I believe the problem may be related to processing power being used up really easily. As an example, I was at, and the menu system with the ninja stick guy seems to be a flash animation. I looked at my CPU usage in task manager to find that firefox.exe was using up tons of memory. So I experimented a bit, and finally used Ad-Block to block the flash menu. My CPU usage settled down then.
    My feeling is that this (the whole lag, processing thing) is being taken up by one or two (or both) of these things:
    1: graphics card not accelerating properly
    2: processor not working correctly

    I also recently had a problem with accidentally putting too many standoffs under my motherboard, and took the computer to an expert who said the computer might have been damaged from it because of short circuiting. This may or may not be related to the problem. (the graphics card or CPU chip may have been damaged)

    Any Ideas as to how i might test it, or what the problem could be?
  2. Po`Girl

    Po`Girl TS Rookie Posts: 595

    It sounds like you just have processes running that shouldn`t be running.

    Do the antispyware routines.

    Go HERE and use that close down unncessary apps.

    Go HERE to disable services.(Make a note of what you disable).
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