Video card running a bit hot, what's to blame?

By togglejuice
Jul 17, 2005
  1. EVGA Geforce 6800 GT, running at about 65-67C Idle, 70-75C (30 Mins) 80-85C (1-2 Hours) of Load. I have a Zalman VF700 heatsink for the GPU with Arctic Silver 5. From what I have seen, most people with this card/heatsink run at about 50-55C Idle and 60-70C after Extensive Load. I have a (half of a) PCI sound card below it. Its a sound blaster live 24 bit so its only half the length of my video card. Below the sound card is a 4000 RPM Pci slot fan that sucks out from one half and blows air onto the gpu on the other fan. My case temperature is usually around 45-48C. I have two PCI exhaust fans, one front intake, one side intake, one 120mm exhaust on back. I was wondering if I should remove my sound card and use onboard sound. Any suggestions to lower my temperature would be appreciated.

    I have heard that the temperature sensor drivers may be inaccurate on my video card. The heatsink feels warm but not hot.

  2. Tarkus

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    not only are the sensors not accurate but some drivers seem to make them less so. I run 76.41 and 77.72 drivers usually. Just be sure your HSF is sitting flush and snugly. warm to the touch on the back of the card at the GPU would seem to be an OK sign. My 6800GT says 66C at desktop.
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