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Nov 22, 2007
  1. Currently I own a ATI 1600x 512mb pro. It does most things for me, but I am looking to upgrade for Crysis. There is a deal on Black Friday where I can snatch a 2600 HD 512mb for $99.99. If I upgrade, will I see any boost in performance, if any? Should I do it? I do 3-4 hours of gaming on weekends, 2-3 on weekdays. Thanks ~
  2. GameJunkie72792

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    Hmmm are you talking Best Buy? They have both the AGP and the PCIe for $99 im going to pick one up (PCIe), seeing as how no one can run Crysis on full if thats what you wanted then the HD2600 Def. isnt going to do it for you. You will see a boost though im not sure how much. I have my x700 (AGP) running Crysis decent, not near the best but it's still pretty good.

    so i say go get one, its a decent card and its DX10, and you really can't beat $99 im going to be at the door when they open to get mine ;D
  3. Fragrant Coit

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  4. Trancer

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    Sorry I couldn't reply quick enough, work during Thanksgiving sucks. I figured that a 2600 wouldn't be able to run crysis full detail, so I might have to go spend more on a 8800 GT. Fragrant Coit, thanks for that link. I've been searching for it these past few days. Thanks for the replies! ~
  5. Trancer

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    Actually nevermind. There is a 8600 GT at CompUSA going for $130. I used 3dmark to test it against the 2600 and it scored above the 2600 in everything, and twice the scores of my 1600. Should I be jumping on this deal?
  6. PimpPanther

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    yo i dont recomend the 2600 pro hd

    im using it right now and its very annoying

    plus it screws with your sound drivers becuase it has 5.1 capabilty built into it oddly enough
  7. Trancer

    Trancer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Pimppanther, you're right. I just came home with the 2600. Installed everything correctly, but there is no sound. I updated the drivers but with no luck. Did you ever get it to work?
  8. PimpPanther

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    yeah, i did

    go to your sound settings, sound devices
    and on the drop down menus make sure it set to use your computers defualt and if that doesnt work manually set like the microphone and speakers to use their normal ports

    and then, reinstall whatever sound manipulation program you had, if any.
    like i had to reinstall realtek audio drivers

    and finaly
    get to device manager
    expand Sounds, video and game controllers
    and right click and disable ATI function for high definition audio

    or you can buy their dumb adapter that goes over a digital video port
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