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Dec 9, 2003
  1. Greetings to all!! I hope someone can help me with this problem. First my system specs: S2380 Trinity k7 motherboard, Award modular bios v6.00pg, super i/o via 686 rev 34, chipset:via 82c391 rev 2, os windows 98se, cpu Amd Athlon slot A, 512 ram, Nvidia Verto G-Force-Fx 5200 (128 ram).

    Here is my problem: I have downloaded the latest drivers from the Nvidia site (ver 45.23) and can install them just fine. I am prompted to restart, restart with no problem. Windows installs new hardware and prompts to restart. At restart the bios spool up, the windows 98 page displays for about 10 seconds and then flips back the the bios screen, then the screen goes blank and I loose all video feed. I can restart in safe mode, go to device manager and the nvidia 5200 video adapter is install with no conflicts indicated. If I delete the adapter, I can reboot in normal mode and windows again installs a standard video adapter and everything is ok. Is this a bios problem? This is a 8x card, and the motherboard supports 4x. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance, and have a great day.
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    Sorry about that. Thank you I'll try both of those.
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    I think the problem is driver, hav you completely remove older driver? if not do so, i had that problem long time ago, i solve it by do driver install in clean environment (i remove older driver)
    Hope helps
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    Might try updating MS Direct X
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    Read your Grafics card manual,,if its not "Backward Compatible" no matter what you do the "8X" Driver wont work on your "4X" MOBO.

    Best of luck
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