Video controller (VGA support) not found

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Oct 31, 2013
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  1. LookinAround

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    Just fyi... I can explain some of the mystery (which can also be helpful to know for future readders)

    First, as Cobalt006 proved, it's always best to start with the drivers on the manufacturer support site.

    That said, it's also be helpful to know Hardware IDs are always telling and never wrong (because Windows receives the Hardware ID directly from the Plug and Play device, itself - in this case the graphics chip) A Hardware ID that starts PCI\VEN_8086 always indicates an Intel chip

    Here's what happened. (I downloaded sp26359.exe file myself to look at the driver files contained)
    > That HP exe file actually contains driver files for BOTH Intel and Via graphics chips! Maybe that's why they labeled the driver on their web site a driver "collection", HP must have produced that computer model with both those different graphics chips in the past
    > The HP support site wasn't completely correct. In this case the computer specs were misleading as to the graphics chip. On occasion, I've seen incorrect/incomplete info on HP support site before.

    In any case, enough of all that. Bottom line is you have your problem fixed!
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  2. Cobalt006

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    LookinAround, You are very correct about the Hp drivers. For that fact most retail computers drivers .
  3. vivekaroraus

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    Thank you for the help.

    Yes, HP website is not directing to the solution. I agree my system is 2004 made but when I formatted this time. I went to HP Support online chat. They wanted me to pay for the communication because my system was old and the warranty was over. I am from India and to chat with the Hp Support, I had to pay 800 rupees which means $12.95 and in India formatting is done via local computer shops within 400 rupees which means $6.48 (they will format, update the windows and everything until I am satisfied) and for just asking the driver (which was Hp's responsibility) they wanted me to pay $12.95 for help.

    Well, after this I went to Hp's website website which asked my system name , I wrote Hp Pavilion mx704 and then the answer was , no computer is made by this name , I had to edit and write pavilion mx704 then there were things related to my monitor. I have a question, when my system was under warranty Hp used to give me driver link but now they need the cpu's name also.

    The company must write the name of the monitor and cpu on the screen, I know the issue is big but this delayed me to let me know the name of my cpu (model no 1164)

    well, I went to hp's website many times but got to information regarding drivers, I know it was written but was not specific, at last I got to know about the drivers from you both (professionals) it was " driver "collection" the word driver collection is not the correct one to let the user know about the driver. it's messy.

    For furthur , I will think twice to buy an Hp product because after warranty there is no customer support for free and even their website does not give the correct information of the drivers.

    I thank to you both (the experts) else I had to take my cpu to the local computer shops for updating.

    Thanks a ton

    Kind Regards
  4. Cobalt006

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    You are very welcome. :) Yes most of your retail computers . Such as Dell, Hp ,Gateway and so on. Charge a fee,once the warranty is up on the computer. They will try and sell you a extended warranty. But as far as HP goes . Their website is very misleading. It will tell you you can upgrade your memory and give you three different speeds to upgrade it to, But what they don't tell you is the Bios is locked and you can only use the speed it came with. But then again I have run into such problems when fixing other retail computers to. So all in all retail computers can be a pain. Well enough of this. I am glad we were able to help. you and you are up running.(y)
  5. vivekaroraus

    vivekaroraus TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    Thank you and because of this drivers updating, my system got one more problem
    "you may be a victim of sofware counterfeiting"

    I took help from this video and
    editing the icons as told "renamed them"
    according to the the video -

    after this I restarted and then the "you may be a victim of software counterfeiting"
    issue was solved but
    icons took around 6 minutes to display (blank black screen)
    and then I had to give the previous names to the icons , I thought it will solve the problem
    which caused the icons to get delayed to appear

    but system is still taking 6 minutes to display the icons even the icons are now
    surrounded by black colors.
    Now, the "you may be a victim of software counterfeiting" is back with a new problem.

  6. Cobalt006

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    You may want to jump Virus and Malware here at TechSpot . Start a thread in their and have it check, For a virus or spyware. GoodLuck
  7. vivekaroraus

    vivekaroraus TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18


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