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Video Corruption, 2 4870's in Crossfire

By deeps1987
Jan 13, 2009
  1. When i turn on my pc, occasionally and for no apparent reason (Sometimes after i restart the pc because of a windows update), i get video corruption, i.e anything displayed on my monitor has lines across it, including the BIOS, so i don't believe this is a software problem. I turn the pc on and off around 5/8 times and its fine again.

    I did a major overhaul of my pc, which involved adding 2 ATI Sapphire 4870's, a OCZ V2 120GB SSD and completely updating my water cooling loops.
    Both 4870's are watercooled in the same loop with a triple rad, and in the second loop i have the CPU and Northbridge also with another triple rad.

    I also tried to run my CPU at 4.2Ghz but couldn't get it stable, maybe i damaged the CPU or the NB? I have also flashed the BIOS's of the 4870's to allow me to overclock them higher in catalyst control, i first flashed both cards to the ASUS TOP BIOS, then i altered the ASUS Top BIOS and re-flashed both cards, could this be the problem? They haven't crashed on my gaming sessions lasting up to 5 hours continuously at times. The GPU temps are low, around 35*C idle and 40*C after 5 hours of gaming. Maybe the graphics RAM is overheating?
    I also have a OCZ 1010 watt power supply, i know 1010Watts should be enough, but I'm not sure if OCZ PSUs are reliable.
    Graphics cards are currently running 820Mhz on the GPU and 925Mhz on the memory. I am using both crossfire bridges.

    Another thing to note is that i don't get BSOD, but my OCZ RAM sucks, as it wont let me run at the specified 1800Mhz (tried everything, even RMA'd 2 sets, and contacted OCZ tech support etc) so my RAM is running at 1200Mhz and from what i can tell its stable, any higher and i get BSOD, also iv had to RMA my motherboard before due to faulty RAM slots, perhaps i know have a faulty PCI-E slot?

    there are so many variables, i don't know where to start, any help would be appreciated :)
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