Video driver and dual os problems, assistance please

By dgsxr
Mar 25, 2008
  1. It all started when i uninstalled (nvidia GeForce4 420 Go 32M) video display driver (xp home) from my presrio r3000 amd to install a new updated driver like the prompts instructed me to. Common sense was telling me that this was not a good idea but... spilled milk i did it and it did mess up my computer. The boot screen starts, the windows xp windows starts and shortly after the screen goes black and the welcome screen music comes on but nothing is visible on the screen. I click around with the mouse and programs seem to work as i accidentally found my media player playing music. Nothing works, safe mode gives me a page list of system32/driver/....etc,cant download the driver because i cant see what i'm doing so i installed xp pro and now i have a dual os and all my good files are on the home os, i cannot get to my desktop on the home os ,so if someone could please help to extract my media from the home os so i can add it the new pro os and delete the old one, or instruct me how i can fix/install the video driver on home,either way can someone give me some insight, thanx
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