Video problem after connecting to TV

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Mar 10, 2012
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  1. I hooked my computer up to my 52 inch screen tv and changed the video settings tryinh to get it to full screen, couldnt get it. anyway the next day i tried to luug it bacj ibto the smaller monitor and it says to changr the videp settings back. so i hooked it back to the tv, nothing. tried it on my other tv...nothing. what did i do?
  2. Buckshot420

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    Hook up both the Monitor and TV (or just one). Start Computer. Go to Display Settings There is a dropdown to select or click the monitor image 1 or 2.

    Select Advanced Tab. as long as you got the multi-media drivers loaded for the computer graphics, it should show you oprions for Video display. Selct Clone so that you have both Monitor and TV as the output. When the TV is off, the video out put will show on Monitor. You can also select Monitor Only option, if you prefer.
  3. Tmagic650

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    Do you have a keyboard problem too
  4. browneyecowboy

    browneyecowboy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thats the thing, after i took it out og the tv it wouldnt get a signal again....did i mess up my video card or something?
  5. Leeky

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    I've changed the title of your thread so that it is representative of the issue your experiencing. Its always a good idea to title a thread with the problem your facing, to enable those who can answer your questions faster.

    By nothing, what exactly do you mean?

    Do you just get a blank screen with no picture at all? Or do you have picture, but at the incorrect resolution?
  6. browneyecowboy

    browneyecowboy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    it says no display on the tv and the wrong resolution settings for the small monitor. whichever i plug it into nothing pops up
  7. Leeky

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    What operating system as you using?

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