Videos lag when i don't move my mouse

By TheROoNCo
Jan 19, 2014
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  1. Hello all.
    I tried both of Kolavec's fixes. Neither worked.
    I've also tried keeping Youtube and Task Manager open to check which process was doing the damage...
    It seems that keeping Task Manager open stops the video from lagging (also tested on IE 11.0.2).
    This antidote, sadly, doesn't extend to games.
    This thread was created by someone with the same problem who seemed to have found a trojan responsible for the slowdown. Any and all advice would be appreciated.
    PS. I'm so relieved that there are recent thread on this topic! Thank you (and I share the pain of every sufferer).

    Following the advice given in linked thread, I found an executable file "vpecyihvyphx.exe" that started upon leaving the mouse idle and disappeared when I moved the mouse again. I await any guidance/ recommendations you have for me.

    EDIT 2:
    I just downloaded and ran MalwareBytes Anti Malware (Free) and it seems to have done the job for now. I'll keep you all posted and I hope this helped some of you.

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