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Virus in L1/L2 Cache?

By ComputerGuy55
Jan 12, 2010
  1. Hey, So I got some virus's on a laptop here, not easy to get rid of at all. I havn't done the regular firewall scan, I used CCleaner but I did the Old Prefetch Data (before I read this form layout) and I can't seem to get Malwarebytes or Superantispyware Pro to run. Both of them install fun but do not run a process.

    Neither of them even really attempt to start, you see the mouse flicker once from "Normal" to "Busy" back to "Normal" pretty quick and that's it.

    I tried using Hirens Boot CD 10.1 and going into Mini XP mode, and using the Superantispyware program on there, I got a bluescreen trying to run it there, tried to run other antivirus programs on that CD and they all stop to work.

    My only guess is there is a virus/rootkit located in the cache or somewhere else deep in the computer that I can not seem to find.. Any way to clear the Cache's?

    I have been searching google for awhile on how to clear it, and all I get are how to clear the Internet's cache files which are unimportant at this time..

    I also tried to run Hijackthis off the CD and it didn't work either.. Any help Very well appreciated.

    So I got some progress in the situation. It's actually on the hard drive, the virus seemed to start up even though I was on a virtual windows and it should not have had access to start any processes, but it did. So I loaded windows on another drive and hooked the original up externally after the program was running and updated, found some .dll's in the system32, erased, so far so good. Gunna boot back on normal drive after a few more scans.
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