Virus or something else wrong with computer?

By KitKat
Jan 22, 2009
  1. Hello,
    I have a Dell desktop computer. Everything had been working fine, up until 2 days ago. On Tuesday, I turned on my computer like usual and I noticed that my monitor was not normal. I could not see anything on my desktop. It was black. And also, the power button was blinking green every 3 seconds and would not stop, until I actually removed the plug from the surge protector.

    Yesterday the same thing happened when I turned on my computer, but today, when I turned it on, I could see my desktop and the power button was normal green and not blinking. I was happy, until I moved the mouse and the cursor was frozen. Now, it seems like my desktop monitor is fine, but my mouse isn't normal? I unplugged the mouse from the tower and plugged it back in, cleaned out the mouse, and it's still frozen.

    Does this sound like a virus or could there be something wrong with my mouse, monitor, or something internally? :(
  2. Route44

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    This really needs to be under General Hardware but that being said, how old is your system?

    Open up the side of your case and tell us if all your fans are blowing; this includes your fans for the power supply, cpu, and video card as well as case fans.

    Also: Did you experience a power surge? Do you use a surge protector?
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